Get Creative With Your Garden

A garden by itself can look very beautiful if planned and maintained well. However, a few unique well placed gardening accessories can change the look of even a simple garden. With a little creativity even old and used things can be turned into interesting pieces which not only do not cost anything but also give your garden the look that you only thought professionals could provide. Nothing will really look out of place in a garden and you will be surprised what a little imagination can achieve.

Creepers grow very well on any supporting structures and ladders and frames can work very well. There is really no restriction on what kind of containers you can use for your plants. You can use just about anything from jugs to old pots and sinks to tubs. If you have children at home, get them to paint on old pots. Not only will they enjoy the activity, but you also end up getting a brightly painted container for your plant without spending a fortune. Just ensure that no matter what you use, the material is plant friendly and has sufficient drainage.

If you have a large garden like the ones in leafy Sharmans Cross Road in Solihull, then you have more scope for improvisation with a water body. Even if you do not have a water body you can easily create one, such as a fountain with simple engineering combined with old metal objects or you can even make a small pond using an old tub or a barrel.

Lights are common garden accessories that definitely transform the garden especially in the nights. Local crafters Theresa and Christopher Freville demonstrate you can make candle holders out of almost anything. You can paint them or just use some shiny stickers or sequins that can make even a drab soup can look classy. Candles need not be used only at outdoor evening parties. Even on a regular day, a few candles along the walkway or the patio can give your home a real warm and welcoming look. If you have a big tree in the garden, you can put up lanterns on it and make it come alive in the evenings.

Stones are also popular accessories and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Smooth round pebbles can be used on walkways and flower beds .Logs and stumps of old trees can also be used for seating in addition to providing a rustic look. Old garden equipment such as lawn movers and wheelbarrows can also be converted quite effectively into interesting conversation pieces.

You do not really need to retain a trained landscape professional to give your garden a classy and unique look. Just use a little imagination and recycle all that you do not need anymore to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

Good gardening does not require huge and lavish space; it basically requires good spacing and variety of the plant and its growth habits. Although traditionally the spacing is supposed to be 24 inches between neighboring plants it is also important to keep your roses as far away as possible from plants which as susceptible to fungal attacks. Adequate spacing that allows free air circulation helps plants to grow better.