Elegant Garden Decor

What could be a better sight in the early morning than a garden filled with beautiful flowers and tasteful garden decor accessories? Classic landscaping, colorful birds in their birdhouses of different sizes, and a collection of elegant garden decorations – these combined will create a magnificent garden and an ambiance that is hard to forget.

Garden decor need not be expensive. Nor does it need to be changed often if you plan your garden around a classic theme. However, if you do enjoy changing your garden often, remember that sometimes what was “in” today may also come back into style in the future so it is advisable to keep that old and unusual-looking garden decoration even if you think you don’t like it anymore. Besides, we can also recycle and reuse them to transform other garden decorations into something that look new.

Here are a few tips to begin incorporating garden decorations you’re your own outdoor garden decor. The first thing to do is to focus on one part of your garden and from there; the rest can be built around it. You can add a decorative pillar or a statue of interest. Then add a bit of iron gate work with simple garden ornaments to contribute to the sense of style in your garden. It is also advisable to add water features such as a fountain or waterfall. It can add value to your lawn and garden decor as well as adding the added dimension of splashing water which can soothe the senses.

Next, scatter your collection of art and ornamentation throughout the landscape. To make your lawn and garden decor elegant, carefully choose the containers to hold your plants. The popular ones are made of fibre stone, concrete and plastic. You might like to use terracotta if you want to choose earth tones to match your garden. These planters can also add shape, life and height to your garden if properly used and chosen.
Proper lighting enhances any home and garden decor. Aside from adding to the beauty of the garden and your home, proper lighting can also provide safety, security and a cheery glow along the pathways.

Another useful tip is to decorate your garden with personal and everyday items and create a sort of a ‘junk garden” which allows for creativity and style on a very limited budget. It is also a way of being environment friendly. When you add these everyday items, there is always an element of surprise that creates a stunning effect in your garden and it will inspire others to do the same. Who wouldn’t want to try something that won’t cost them a penny and looks wonderful?

Gardeners know that in order to bring their backyard oasis to life, the right amount of sunshine and water along with great soil and hard work are essential. In the same manner, a set of beautiful, well-thought out decorations can inspire the viewers and give a boost to the spirit. Also, the choice of outdoor garden decor that are seen throughout the landscape reflects the signature of the gardener. Elegant home and garden decor reflects the thought and well-considered choice of the creative and hardworking gardener.

Creative Home Made Gift Ideas

Christmas is the season of gift-giving and spending time with your loved ones. During this season, we give gifts to people we love to show them how much we love and appreciate them. However, due to the current economic condition, most of us would be shopping frugally.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot for a nice gift. Why not put your creativity to test? You can make something or bake goodies for your loved ones. Most of the time people close to you will appreciate your gift even more because of the time and effort you have put into it. Homemade Christmas gifts are wonderful as it adds a personal touch to your gift, making it a priceless possession.

Here are 8 creative homemade holiday gift ideas to consider:

1. Baked goodies.

Yummy treats are always a hit with young and old alike. You can bake cookies, brownies or cakes in your own kitchen. You can be very creative when decorating these treats and you will definitely impress your loved ones.

2. Memory books, scrapbook or photo collages.

We all know that memories are very precious. Your loved ones, especially your elderly relatives and friends would love this gift. Be sure to put the most memorable pictures, decorate each page and write special messages.

3. Homemade candles.

Decorate the candles by painting it and adding ribbons, beads, glitters, silk flowers, etc.

4. Personalized cards.

Decorate the card nicely and be sure to add a personalized message to make it even more special.

5. Gifts from your garden.

If you love to cook most likely you will have different herbs in your own garden. A homemade seasoning blend will be a perfect gift for your relative and friends who love to cook. You can package the herbs individually by putting them in lovely jars.

6. Personalized calendar.

Make your own calendar and personalize it by adding pictures and messages.

7. Art piece.

Let your children paint or draw something and put it in a frame. This will be a perfect gift for grandparents. They will surely love it!

8. Knits.

If you are good at this, why not knit something special for your loved ones. You can knit a scarf, beanie, mittens, etc.

Gifts For The Home And Car

Most people have automobiles, and most people live in a home. People are alike in many ways, but sometimes it is hard to buy gifts, because some people have everything and others are picky.

A gift idea for the car is an all-weatherized protective cover, which covers the vehicle and protects it car from droppings, dirt, weather and scratches. The cover is inexpensive, about $20, depending on the size of car. The cover is available for bikes, too. The durable covering protects against mildew or anything that could harm the bike or car.

An excellent house idea is the security bars that fit on doors. It is great for sliding doors. The bars adjust to windows or doors and keep out intruders.

If you are buying a gift for someone with a patio, consider weather-resistant coverings. They protect patio furniture from all weather and keep it free from dust.

Mole-poles are an excellent idea for people gardens or nice yards. The mole-poles keep pests away. The item is barely capable of being heard, but it sounds like a bullhorn when rats, moles, squirrels, gophers or other pests approach.

Wireless driveway alarms are a gift that stops surprising visitors. This alarm makes an announcement when someone approaches the home. One section stays outdoors, and the other section stays in the home.

Instantaneous shade gardens are a great gift idea, because outdoor lovers can plant a quick bed of flowers in no time. The garden shade rolls up and out, up to five feet.

Another great gift idea for homes is the corner plate organizers. This space-saving corner rack has four levels and fits small plates on the top, small bowls below the top rack, medium plates lower and large plates at the bottom. The rack has 3-tiers and adjusts easily while holding up to eight dishes on a single rack.

The arch trellis is an outdoors gift for around yard ponds or patios. It gives a touch of romance with its roses, vines, and ivy floral. The archway is resistant against all sorts of weather.

Thirteen-piece garment bag sets are an excellent gift. The set keeps a complete wardrobe clean. The idea of this gift is to store clothes that are set for a season or no longer in use.

A Bright Day With Spring and Garden Wedding

In recent years, “theme” weddings have become a great way to express the personalities of the bride and groom. We see all kinds of them: weddings at sea, costume weddings of every stripe, and candlelit night weddings in the dead of winter. I like to think of myself as a pretty independent, outside-the-box kind of person, but let’s face it; when I imagine the perfect wedding for myself, at least it’s outdoors on a beautiful spring morning. I don’t think I’m alone in allowing myself a little bit of old-fashioned sentimentality, and this article is for those of you who feel the same way.

Whether your wedding is very traditional or decidedly unique, the ever-popular outdoor spring wedding is a natural choice. A beautiful garden in May could feature the bride in white and the groom in a nice tuxedo, or both in Victorian attire, or in Lord of the Rings elf costumes. The sunny, flowery atmosphere gives cheer and joy to any such happy gathering, and guests will always feel comfortable.

The spring wedding favors you choose will reflect your personal wedding theme. Traditional garden wedding favors could come in elegant silk pouches, festive flower-embroidered bags, or egg baskets appropriate to the Easter holiday. More unusually, spring wedding favors could come in coconuts, flying saucer pods, sea shell boxes, or . As for the favors themselves, this is where you can really get creative. Garden wedding favors can feature anything from candles to lip balm to chocolate to tea-bags; picture frames, soap bars, shot glasses, bells, or flower seeds for planting; the possible lists are endless.

The important thing in choosing garden wedding favors is to think about what you would like your guests to literally take away from your happy event. Perhaps imagine what you yourself would want to bring home. A safe choice like chocolate could make almost everyone happy, or something unique to your theme would really help them remember the day. A mixture of both would be a good plan for more “unique” wedding themes; if you’re getting married on an airplane, you might choose a flight-themed gift as well as something delicious. Other spring wedding favors might focus on the particular people involved, such as miniature space shuttles for a wedding of astronauts, or pens if the bride or groom is a writer.

While creativity is encouraged, there are some items that should be avoided, depending on the guest list. If the wedding is a personal affair with the close friends and family of the betrothed, these issues might not be a problem; but in a large marriage ceremony with various acquaintances and diverse friends and family, it is best to avoid items that invoke politics or controversial personal preferences, and it may be preferable to avoid an overabundance of religious items. Of course, the circumstances of the wedding should be taken into account, and the religious nature of the ceremony is especially to be determined by the people involved. In general, hosts will want to keep spring wedding favors in the realm of the friendly and light-hearted; humor is often a welcome touch, but those with a dark or political sense of humor will want to take the varying tastes of their guests into account.

Clearly, for those interested in the joyful tradition of a spring garden wedding, there is no shortage of ideas for garden wedding favors from the whimsical to the tasty to the useful. A variety of well-chosen spring wedding favors or garden wedding favors for your guests will surely do a great deal to please beloved friends and family.

Beautify Your Home And Surroundings

Once you have been container gardening for a while and had some success, you may be ready to ramp up your efforts by going for style as well as nourishment. You may be surprised to learn that lots of veggie plants are not only edible, but also attractive. In this article, we’ll give some recommendations for some of the best looking edible additions to choose for your container gardening project.

Presentation is a very important part of attractive container gardening. You may be tempted to just line all your containers up against a wall or put them all on a balcony rail, but this is not a very creative idea. Instead, try ranging them out at different heights and levels. Place some of your larger containers at ground level, but do creative things with larger containers on racks, shelves, tables and railings. Hanging plants are attractive and fun, and hanging pots make a great way to grow strawberries and even tomatoes.

You can also create interesting planters for strawberries and other clingy, climbing sorts of small plants by creating a planter wall. You can do this with wire hanging shelving, with wooden palettes or with just about any other kind of building material your imagination can come up with. Just be sure there is enough room for roots to grow and plants to spread. This can be a freestanding divider or you can attach it to a galvanized metal or concrete wall that will not be damaged by the dampness.

If you want something big and beautiful that can actually give you some privacy on your balcony or patio, try planting some big pots of okra. This vigorous plant is great looking and a tremendous producer. There are lots of great ways to eat okra. It can be added to soups, lightly stir fried or sauteed, or deep fried.

If you do decide to plant okra, be sure to gather it all when it ripens. It will quickly become too tough to eat. Luckily, okra is easy to preserve by freezing or pickling. Pickled okra is very delicious to snack on!

Just because you are focusing on veggies doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some flowers, too. Adding self-seeding annuals such as marigolds, zinnias and various wildflower mixes can fill in blank spots in your veggie planters and add color and variety to your container gardening project. As a bonus, you can enjoy cut flowers for your table and, with care, these additions will return each year so you won’t have to plant them over and over again.

You may also find some very attractive and unusual kinds of fruits and veggies by exploring the world of heirloom seeds. These are becoming more and more popular as people become frightened by the specter of genetically modified foods. Heirloom varieties are old-fashioned varieties that have not undergone any genetic modification or research. They produce the kinds of fruits and veggies your great grandparents enjoyed – natural and safe!

Get Creative With Your Garden

A garden by itself can look very beautiful if planned and maintained well. However, a few unique well placed gardening accessories can change the look of even a simple garden. With a little creativity even old and used things can be turned into interesting pieces which not only do not cost anything but also give your garden the look that you only thought professionals could provide. Nothing will really look out of place in a garden and you will be surprised what a little imagination can achieve.

Creepers grow very well on any supporting structures and ladders and frames can work very well. There is really no restriction on what kind of containers you can use for your plants. You can use just about anything from jugs to old pots and sinks to tubs. If you have children at home, get them to paint on old pots. Not only will they enjoy the activity, but you also end up getting a brightly painted container for your plant without spending a fortune. Just ensure that no matter what you use, the material is plant friendly and has sufficient drainage.

If you have a large garden like the ones in leafy Sharmans Cross Road in Solihull, then you have more scope for improvisation with a water body. Even if you do not have a water body you can easily create one, such as a fountain with simple engineering combined with old metal objects or you can even make a small pond using an old tub or a barrel.

Lights are common garden accessories that definitely transform the garden especially in the nights. Local crafters Theresa and Christopher Freville demonstrate you can make candle holders out of almost anything. You can paint them or just use some shiny stickers or sequins that can make even a drab soup can look classy. Candles need not be used only at outdoor evening parties. Even on a regular day, a few candles along the walkway or the patio can give your home a real warm and welcoming look. If you have a big tree in the garden, you can put up lanterns on it and make it come alive in the evenings.

Stones are also popular accessories and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Smooth round pebbles can be used on walkways and flower beds .Logs and stumps of old trees can also be used for seating in addition to providing a rustic look. Old garden equipment such as lawn movers and wheelbarrows can also be converted quite effectively into interesting conversation pieces.

You do not really need to retain a trained landscape professional to give your garden a classy and unique look. Just use a little imagination and recycle all that you do not need anymore to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

Good gardening does not require huge and lavish space; it basically requires good spacing and variety of the plant and its growth habits. Although traditionally the spacing is supposed to be 24 inches between neighboring plants it is also important to keep your roses as far away as possible from plants which as susceptible to fungal attacks. Adequate spacing that allows free air circulation helps plants to grow better.

Uncover the Secrets to Creative Fresh Herb Gardening

Need some gardening fun in your life? Consider fresh herb gardening. One of the simplest (and easiest) forms of gardening is growing herbs. If you consider yourself a gardening beginner you can quickly discover how to easy growing fresh herbs really is.

Whether you choose to grow herbs indoors or outdoors, it is nice to have a choice which is unlike other kinds of gardening. Having your plants indoors can be soothing and relaxing. Immersing yourself in caring for your herbs takes your mind a thousand miles from the daily grind. Preparing dinner is much more exciting when you can harvest your own fresh herbs for immediate use.

Enjoying success with an herb garden takes a small amount of planning. You should make an educated decision regarding the types of herbs you want to grow. Aromatic herbs, medicinal herbs, and culinary herbs are the three main categories of herbs for home gardens.

Many herbs are useful for more than one purpose. Most all are familiar with mint. It is a culinary herb used in many cuisines that is also a medicinal herb. It is considered a useful digestive aid. When you pick mint from your garden the air is filled with its lovely fragrance, one more reason to include mint in your garden.

Your garden planning will serve you well now as your herb choices impact whether you have an indoor garden or one outdoors. While some herbs thrive indoors, others need all the elements available outdoors. Know thy herbs.

Rosemary is an herb that responds well in an outdoor garden because it needs plenty of room to grow. On the other hand, because this herb can overtake your garden, many gardeners will only grow rosemary indoors or in a container to keep it from spreading. Many people use rose hips as a medicinal herb but it can only grow outdoors.

Fresh herb gardening requires attention to the soil conditions. Because herbs tend not to do well in a soil that retains water or has a high nutrient content, avoid using pure potting soil. This is a common mistake among beginning herb gardener mistake.

The best soil mixture for herbs is made by combining potting soil, common dirt, and clean sand. The dirt will reduce the nutrient content while the sand allows excessive water to drain from the soil. Herbs prefer a slightly alkaline soil so mix in one tablespoon of lime with each container, or for each square foot of garden if planting outdoors.

A common mistake when direct planting seeds or cuttings is to cover too deeply. When this is done the tender plant cannot germinate or sprout correctly and your fresh herb garden will die off before it starts. Usually, a depth of about two inches is best, making sure the soil is not overly compacted, but slightly loose.

Sarah Phillips is an herb gardening enthusiast, and enjoys helping others get started in this wonderful hobby.

You can be enjoying your own herbs in as little as 7 days.

Tips For Creative Home Garden

If you’re looking for a way to make significant changes to the look of your outside space you want to first look at the bigger picture of the area with which you have to work and consider the factors that you need to take into account such as things that you can/ cannot change and do/don’t want to change. Factors would include geographical location, buildings, large trees or bushes, rocks, water placement, shape and gradient of the outdoor space, etc.

Once you armed with this information you can work out what you need to do to bring about the look and feel you want to achieve. You might not always need to carry out major landscaping changes. Minor changes can give you stunning effects.

Adding an outdoor water feature to your garden area can give your home a whole new look and feel. There are water features that will fit any size area and installation limitations with which you may be faced. It may be a modest or prominent outdoor water feature but either will add a whole new dimension to the space and although moving water might be needed for some outdoor water landscape designs, it’s not required in all instances.

Fountains are a good choice in water features if you are looking for something that will require minimal work, Fountains come in a variety of themes, shapes, sizes and complexities. You can select something simple for a small patio space but if you have the space you can position a large complex piece to create a focal point in the center of a large garden. Fountain and pond installation is relatively simple if you already have water connected and running to the spot. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions to build the fountain and attach the water supply. Not all fountain kits come with extra hose or connectors which may be required to attach the fountain to your water source. These connections would probably differ according to your water supply.

If you already have a body of water such as pond on your property, you can just add a fountain kit to it to change its look.

Ponds are simple to add to your property whether you have a small odd sized outdoor space or an acre of garden. All you need for a small area is a basic pond kit, some stones and a small plastic pond from the home improvement store. For larger ponds you might need to excavate the space with a backhoe.

In a typical small space like a home garden, features like whether the garden is flat or on an incline, its layout and the position of the house and outdoor buildings can affect the whole feel of the garden. Additional factors to consider would be climate and availability of water or whether you are trying to recreate a garden theme that is outside the norm for the area (which will be a lot of work) such as an English style garden in the desert or a cactus garden where there can be ice and snow. For more practical and less radical garden recreation your garden space can be enhanced with strategically placed planters, garden stairs, and a water element.

Around the outside border of your patio area place planters to give the feel of a boundary between it and the great outdoors beyond! Consider creating a concrete, stone or other sturdy patio structure if you do not have an outdoor living area and position planters strategically around the edge. Collect and use interesting and unusual containers such as wine barrels or more conventional concrete, terracotta or glazed ceramic planters. Arrange them in decorative clusters at the edge of the patio. Grow decorative grasses, ferns, peace lilies and other lush, bushy plants to bestow a more natural feel to your patio and give it a soft border.

A steep grade is a challenge in any home garden but it can also be an opportunity for stunning visual landscape. Put in a twisting narrow stairway down the hill surrounded by terrace garden beds that are separated by retaining walls. Select plants and stagger your planting to create the impression of descending from a hill or mountain top into a lush forest. Plant flowers and low hedges in planters near the top of the hill. The advantage of planters here is that if they can moved for a “holiday” when they are in their off season and replaced with plants that are in full growth and flower. Follow these with plants that increase in size, such as hedges, fruit trees, and bamboo. At the bottom, install large trees that are appropriately sized to your home garden space.

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes everywhere in the world. There seems to be a very special magic that is woven by daily puttering in their yards, expressing their creative colorful outdoor home garden landscape. For those with limited space, there may be restraints that you need to overcome but beautiful outdoor spaces can be created on even on the smallest balconies. You do not need complexity to landscaping a small outdoor space for it to be beautiful. The simplest effects can look stunning.

Plant border plants around your garden beds or use some landscaping feature like a rock wall or planters. Use stone, small evergreens or ground cover perennials that you can train into the desired shape. English thyme is a useful fragrant low-level ground cover that can create beautiful borders. Creating borders give a more formal feel but also gives a feeling of “difference” between inside the area and out. Even if the garden itself isn’t planned, the border creates a simple and easy landscape feature.

At the end of the day, landscaping your garden is going to depend on your preferences and availability of materials. If I can give you only one tip it is this: Once you have taken stock of the land and its features, Plan. Come up with a theme for your garden before you plant. Unless you have enough space for clearly defined garden “rooms” have an overall theme. Maybe you would like a garden featuring mainly plants with yellow flowers or leaves, for example. Other theme ideas include a butterfly garden, a knot garden and a herb garden. None of these require much space, Plan them on paper first so that your garden goes in correctly the first time and you don’t have wasted materials and plants, or time.

Landscape Ideas Which Give Your Home and Garden

A beautiful garden is a work of art. Like all masterpieces a landscape idea needs to have a particular theme and it is important that everything used and done on the site has harmony. A garden includes so many colors and so a well thought plan is what will ensure a beautiful appearance. Landscape garden is a beautiful way to add expression to your creativity and would give the home a personality, a character. Your home and garden must be a reflection of your personality and creative pursuits and interests.

Landscape idea can be based on any theme of your choice. Wagons, small bridges across a small stream, fountains, sculptures, ponds all add a character to the garden and is in itself a wonderful landscape idea. You could stick to a particular theme or combine a few ideas that fit together. There must be beauty and of course practicality in every landscape idea that you choose. The size of the garden, the house and the budget are going to be important factors that would influence the landscape garden decision. Professional help or do it yourself guides would take you a long way in your pursuit for excellence. Professional help would work wonders as you would be able to go ahead with the plans smoothly and the expert would be able to provide a set of ideas and also enlighten you regarding the trends and the latest materials available for landscape garden.

The choice of garden accessories can make a big difference as regards the overall looks and also the budget. Ornamental plants with flowers and colorful leaves, shrubs and trees can add a completely new look to the garden. A landscape garden is indeed a beautiful place where you would love to spend your time. A place for everything and beauty surrounding you at all times, a great landscape idea can actually make life beautiful and worth cherishing.

Over the years a number of materials have been introduced in the market that can give the desired shape to your landscape idea. Stone, marble, granite, wood to numerous man-made materials are available for landscape garden projects to suit every need and budget. The materials used definitely make a big difference. Quality is not one that must be compromised here. However, with a little study and research you would be able to find durable and quality materials that are absolutely budget friendly. A good landscape idea that is executed in a systematic and organized manner can result in a lovely garden that you can truly be proud of. Make it all happen with a step by step landscaping plan in place.

Enhance Your Garden Decor With Elegant Garden

In the past our gardens were simply considered to be a separate entity. People usually had outdoor garden furniture made of plastic or wrought iron that would beautify their landscape without any particular design or pattern.

Earlier people would consider their garden only as a picnic spot or would use it to read a book on a bright sunny day. Thus, least attention was given to the fact that the garden was also a natural and vital extension of their house.

Today, however, their outlook towards the garden and the garden furniture has changed. The garden owners have today started considering their gardens as a vital extension of their home that just happens to be outdoors. Today people are making an extra effort to extend their home environment to their garden area. They are thus trying to integrate their home furnishing design with the outdoor furniture to be placed in their garden. This way they try to add their personal style to their garden which helps in creating a soothing retreat for everyone who wants to experience nature and its benefits.

For instance, if your home furnishing within the interiors of your house reflects French styling then the most obvious and the most natural way to extend that styling to your garden is by decorating it with all weather garden furniture that is of yellow and blue color scheme. As it is all about French styling and taste, again the wrought iron furniture in this color scheme will result in a natural and elegant transition of the interior of your house to your garden.

Further to reinforce the French sense of styling you can also add to your garden the patios and the stone walkways. It will add a European nostalgia to your contemporary garden decor. For sure, garden decor is not only about garden furniture. To seal the French theme further you can add the antiquities which will blend with and compliment the overall effect.

If your home is designed in an oriental way then also you can extend that style to your garden area with the help of perfect outdoor garden furniture and garden accessories. You can either choose from bamboo furniture’s or granite furniture in order to add the orient theme to your garden area.

Thus no matter what is the design and decor theme of your house, you can always extend it outdoors to your garden area. There are many options available when it comes to garden accessories which will perfectly blend with and compliment the interiors of your home.