A Bright Day With Spring and Garden Wedding

In recent years, “theme” weddings have become a great way to express the personalities of the bride and groom. We see all kinds of them: weddings at sea, costume weddings of every stripe, and candlelit night weddings in the dead of winter. I like to think of myself as a pretty independent, outside-the-box kind of person, but let’s face it; when I imagine the perfect wedding for myself, at least it’s outdoors on a beautiful spring morning. I don’t think I’m alone in allowing myself a little bit of old-fashioned sentimentality, and this article is for those of you who feel the same way.

Whether your wedding is very traditional or decidedly unique, the ever-popular outdoor spring wedding is a natural choice. A beautiful garden in May could feature the bride in white and the groom in a nice tuxedo, or both in Victorian attire, or in Lord of the Rings elf costumes. The sunny, flowery atmosphere gives cheer and joy to any such happy gathering, and guests will always feel comfortable.

The spring wedding favors you choose will reflect your personal wedding theme. Traditional garden wedding favors could come in elegant silk pouches, festive flower-embroidered bags, or egg baskets appropriate to the Easter holiday. More unusually, spring wedding favors could come in coconuts, flying saucer pods, sea shell boxes, or . As for the favors themselves, this is where you can really get creative. Garden wedding favors can feature anything from candles to lip balm to chocolate to tea-bags; picture frames, soap bars, shot glasses, bells, or flower seeds for planting; the possible lists are endless.

The important thing in choosing garden wedding favors is to think about what you would like your guests to literally take away from your happy event. Perhaps imagine what you yourself would want to bring home. A safe choice like chocolate could make almost everyone happy, or something unique to your theme would really help them remember the day. A mixture of both would be a good plan for more “unique” wedding themes; if you’re getting married on an airplane, you might choose a flight-themed gift as well as something delicious. Other spring wedding favors might focus on the particular people involved, such as miniature space shuttles for a wedding of astronauts, or pens if the bride or groom is a writer.

While creativity is encouraged, there are some items that should be avoided, depending on the guest list. If the wedding is a personal affair with the close friends and family of the betrothed, these issues might not be a problem; but in a large marriage ceremony with various acquaintances and diverse friends and family, it is best to avoid items that invoke politics or controversial personal preferences, and it may be preferable to avoid an overabundance of religious items. Of course, the circumstances of the wedding should be taken into account, and the religious nature of the ceremony is especially to be determined by the people involved. In general, hosts will want to keep spring wedding favors in the realm of the friendly and light-hearted; humor is often a welcome touch, but those with a dark or political sense of humor will want to take the varying tastes of their guests into account.

Clearly, for those interested in the joyful tradition of a spring garden wedding, there is no shortage of ideas for garden wedding favors from the whimsical to the tasty to the useful. A variety of well-chosen spring wedding favors or garden wedding favors for your guests will surely do a great deal to please beloved friends and family.